Precision Farming

Case IH is an industry leader when it comes to precision farming components for every step of the growing cycle. We can help you find the tools you need to achieve repeatable accuracy from sub-inch levels and beyond, reduce overlaps and cut input costs.

In todays ecomony, farmers need to maximize every inch of land in order to optimize their yield.  Washington Implement is committed to guidance and with the support of CNH, we can work with the farmer to achieve this goal. 

Greg Anderson is our Precision Farming expert.  Greg has completed level II and level III training for EZ products and autopilot training.  His knowledge and support of the product is second to none.  This past winter we offered a demonstration to 27 area farmers that featured two experts from Case IH and the feedback was great.  Washington Implement is committed to Precision Farming and is positioned to be the leader in southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.  We don't only talk about being a leader, we are demonstrating our commitment daily to our current customers that have embraced Precision Farming.

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